Hike from Grapetree Bay Hotel - St. Croix

Point Udall Hiking

Experience the first light of day at Point Udall, the easternmost point of the United States,
where spectacular sunrises and starlit nights create unforgettable moments.

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Hike to Point Udall

Begin your day with an awe-inspiring visit to Point Udall, the easternmost point of the United States, and a renowned spot for witnessing breathtaking sunrises. As the first place in the country to greet the dawn, Point Udall offers an unparalleled opportunity to watch the sun peek over the horizon, illuminating the sky in spectacular hues. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early, not only to secure a good parking spot but also to experience the magical moments before sunrise, where the early light stages a captivating prelude to the day. The area, known for its natural beauty, is more than just a sunrise viewpoint; it’s a gateway to adventure for those willing to explore. For the more adventurous, a hike down to the water’s edge offers a unique perspective of this significant geographic landmark, even on days when the sky is a bit overcast.

Point Udall is not only spectacular at dawn but also a fantastic destination for stargazing in the late evening. The remote location and clear skies provide a perfect backdrop for observing the stars and spotting satellites with the naked eye, creating an enchanting experience under the night sky. The area’s accessibility throughout the day makes it a versatile destination, whether you’re there to welcome the first light of day or to bask in the starlit evening. Nearby, accessible hiking trails and beaches add to the allure, offering a full day of exploration and natural wonder. Point Udall’s unique position and natural offerings make it a must-visit for both the serenity of sunrise and the grandeur of the night sky.

Hiking Information:
  • 6 Miles Round Trip From Hotel, or drive 15 Mins.
  • Best Time for Sunrise: Arrive half an hour before sunrise to experience the full magic.
  • Stargazing Opportunities: Ideal spot for night-time sky watching, including satellite sightings.
  • Adventure Awaits: Bring sneakers for hiking down to the water's edge and exploring nearby trails.
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