An Iconic 1960's Boutique Hotel, Revitalized

Our History

The seaside haven of warmth, tranquility and restoration

Welcome to Grapetree Bay Hotel

On the East End of St. Croix, Breathtaking Views of the Caribbean Sea

Grapetree Bay Hotel & Villas a newly renovated & restored 1960s boutique hotel, reminiscent of its history with a modern charm. Discover the breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea from our ocean view guest rooms and seaside villas. Enjoy the beautiful beachfront, pool, hiking trails, snorkeling, and delicious dining experience.

Reviving History:

The Renaissance of Grapetree Bay Hotel

As we delved into the vibrant past of this property, we uncovered fascinating tales from the 1960s – a time when the Villas and the Hotel were in their heyday. Our goal was to honor this era, blending the nostalgic charm of the 1960s with a contemporary flair. This fusion of past and present is now beautifully woven into the very fabric of the hotel.

Back in its golden days, the Grapetree Hotel’s fine dining restaurant was celebrated as a culinary beacon in the Caribbean. However, in 1989, a twist of fate struck. Hurricane Hugo unleashed its fury, leaving the Hotel and Villas in ruins. This tragedy marked an abrupt end to a once-thriving era.

The Timeless Beauty of Grapetree Bay

Fast Forward 30 Years

The dream of reviving the enchanting allure of the Grapetree Bay Hotel and Villas sparked a wave of excitement within us. Nestled in a picturesque setting, this gem had waited nearly three decades to shine again. In October 2021, that dream blossomed into reality when we proudly reopened the hotel and restaurant. The Grapetree Bay Hotel family is thrilled to see our cherished vision come to life, inviting guests to create unforgettable memories in a place where history and modern elegance blend seamlessly.

Guest Photos from 1989
The Artist of Grapetree Bay

Blending Art with Beauty

The hotel’s contemporary ambiance is accentuated by the vibrant murals and paintings of Barbara Gelardi, a distinguished artist from St. Croix known for her dynamic depictions of the island’s natural beauty, including landscapes, seascapes, and marine life. Her artwork adorns the hotel’s exterior and is a key feature in its communal areas and guest rooms. These spaces are decorated in soft, pastel hues, preserving the hotel’s original color theme, and are embellished with art pieces that celebrate the local wildlife, from fish to sea turtles. True to the hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility, these decorative elements are crafted without the use of plastic or synthetic materials.

Guest Rooms
Seaside Villas