Hike from Grapetree Bay Hotel - St. Croix

Goat Hill Hiking

Experience the captivating beauty of St. Croix on the Goat Hill Hike,
a 3.5-mile trail known for its stunning views and invigorating challenge.

Grapetree Bay Hotel - Hiking Trails

Hike to Goat Hill

Embark on a scenic adventure to Goat Hill, a breathtaking hike just 3.5 miles round trip, conveniently located near the hotel. This trail strikes a balance between moderate challenge and rewarding experiences, offering hikers stunning 360° views of St. Croix’s captivating landscape. Ideal for those who appreciate a robust outdoor activity, this hike promises both a physical workout and an exhilarating journey, culminating in a panorama that captures the vast ocean and the island’s beauty.

Navigating the Goat Hill trail requires preparation and caution, as the path features sharp rocks and steep inclines, making sturdy, protective footwear essential. Hikers should be equipped with plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout this physically demanding excursion. As a unique bonus, the hike occasionally presents the spectacular sight of whales breaching near Buck Island. Although the trail’s name might suggest otherwise, actual goat sightings are rare, yet the natural splendor and the sense of accomplishment at the summit more than compensate for their absence.

Hiking Information:
  • Hydration: Carry enough water for the 3.5-mile journey.
  • Footwear: Sturdy hiking shoes are a must for the rugged terrain.
  • Trail Length: 3.5 miles round trip, offering a solid workout with stunning views.
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