In studying the history of this property, we found colorful accounts of the building and the operations of  the Villas and the Hotel in the early 1960’s. Our vision was to keep its 1960s charm and give it a modern vibe, which is evident throughout the hotel.  During that era, the fine dining restaurant at the Grapetree Hotel was well known as one of the finest in the Caribbean. Tragically, it all came to a halt in 1989 with a direct hit from Hurricane Hugo which effectively destroyed the Hotel and Villas.  Despite additional damage and substantial debris from the Hurricane Maria in September 2017, our team was ready for the challenge.  We were excited with the prospect of purchasing the property and restoring the charm and glory of the original Grapetree Bay Hotel and Villas. After nearly thirty-year hiatus, the hotel and restaurant opened in October 2021.  The Grapetree Capital family is proud to see our vision become a reality as we welcome our guests and continue to take major strides toward Phase 2 of the project. 

About the property

  • Located in East End, St. Croix on the Grapetree Bay
  • Restored historic 1960s hotel
  • 45-acre property
  • Nearby entrance to Jack & Isaac’s Bay hiking trails
  • Largest 18 rooms, 720sq. ft each
  • Complimentary high-speed WiFi 

Articles & Press:

Unparalleled luxury experience and top quality customer service,
Grapetree Bay Hotel is your home away from home.